Tuesday, January 5, 2010

REVIEW - Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast

I had heard about these on Temptalia but didn't realize they were out yet until my cousin reminded me! So I saw them in CVS and went ahead and picked one up. I wasn't expecting much because I have never been very impressed with Cover Girl eyeshadows and I am not a big cream eyeshadow fan, other than using them as bases which I do almost everyday.

The color I got was "Silver Sky", a frosty silver and a muted purple/eggplant shade. One side of the "crayon" is rounded which is supposed to go on your lid and the other side is shaped like a lipstick and is supposed to be used for your crease and as a liner.

While I really liked the color on the rounded end, the pigmentation is horrible. I had to cake and cake this stuff on to get it to show up. After I did both eyes, I went back to look in the mirror about an hour later, and the stuff was almost gone! So I decided to try an experiment. On one eye I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and did that eye again, having to pack it on again. On the other eye, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion (nothing gets through this stuff). Again, though only a few hours later, the color was fading. I am not even sure these would make a good eyeshadow base because although they are wet, I don't feel like their sticky enough to make a good base. They also do not dry to a powder finish as I expect a good cream eyeshadow to do!

So, to wrap it up, poor pigmentation, poor staying power, I would save my money girls!

I would love to hear any other ideas/uses for these!

FTC Disclaimer: Items were purchased by me and these are my honest opinions.