Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Current Skin Care Regimen

Alot of people ask me about this and I know alot of people will think I'm nuts but here goes!!

Cleanse with Cetaphil and a Micro-Fiber Cloth
SkinEffects Eye Cream
Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum
Cetaphil SPF 15 Moisturizer
Cetaphil Cream if I'm extra dry

PM Every other night
Remove Makeup with MAC Cleanse off oil or a MAC wipe if I'm feeling lazy
Cleanse with MD Forte III Cleanser and my Clarisonic
Tone with Thayers Rose Water alcohol free toner
MD Forte Eye Rejuvination Cream
Retin A Micro
Cetaphil Cream ONLY if I am super dry so as to not buffer the Retin A

PM on the other nights
Remove makeup with MAC cleanse off oil or a MAC wipe if I'm feeling lazy
Cleanse with Aqua Glycolic cleanser and my Clarisonic
Tone with Clinique Clarifying toner
Peter Thomas Roth Anti Wrinkle Peel Pads
SkinEffects Eye Cream
Eucerin Q10 Anti Wrinkle Cream

Every Sunday
Deep cleansing/moisturizing Mask made with Aztec Healing Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey
Olay Micro-Dermabrasion & Peel Kit

Every Wednesday
MAC Volcanic Ash exfoliator
MAC Volcanic Ash thermal mask

This regimen changes frequently but some staples always stay the same!

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  1. Heyy,

    Of course this is necessary I will share my routine as well. It's pretty similar and I like to experiment with lots of different products. I however, cannot afford retin-a so maybe I can help offer some alternatives to those peeps out there who are looking for budget friendly options.

    My routine:

    Typical Day:

    Morning: Wipe off night products to start clean with a Make up wipe. my favorites are from CVS, they are CVS brand and they are a duo. One packet is the make up remover, then I splash face ten times with icy water- pat dry and use the second part of the packet the toner. They are both very effective and very gentle. I wait a few minutes then apply sunscreen spf 45 with antioxidants. (Coppertone Sheer Natural with AOX, is my choice) I put this all over my face, neck, chest, hands, and arms to elbow. Then I apply make up.

    In the evening:(M-W-F)

    I remove my eye make up and wash with dove sensitive skin bar soap. (My skin isnt that sensitive but this is a effective make up remover.) Then I use Olay Dual Action Pore cleanser with my electric spin brush from Beauti Control $9.99) Rinse, splash several times with cold water. If I am oily I swipe lightly with Sea Breeze (2% Sycilliac Acid), then apply Alpha 8% AHA Exfoilating Cream and 5 minutes later a cream moisturizer, usually Garnier Fructis Night Recovery Complex Cream.

    On Tuesday and Thursday Nights:

    I remove my eye make up and wash with dove sensitive skin bar soap. Then take two small towels, rinse them and ring them out and place in microwave safe bowl to microwave on high for 2 minutes. Once they are steaming I place them strategically over my face for 7 minutes. After this is prime time for Microdermabrasion of some sort....St. Ives has a very gentle one but lately in a swap I have Patrica Wexler MD's Micoderm Cream. (scrub with fingers for 3 minutes)then rinse with warm warm water- donot ever get any of the micro stuff in your eye or you can tear your cornea......I did it accidently it was the worst pain, but i did get to see a VERY SEXXI eye doctor so it all worked out!

    Then I put a clarifying mask on (I like the Mint Julep mud mask by Queen Helene, $2.99 at CVS or Wally world) but any pore cleansing mask will do and it totally depends on what my goal is for this facial, moisturing vs. clarifying etc.) Once dry I place re heated towels on face to warm the mask back up and loosen it then remove it from my face. Next I use my "poor girl clarisonic" (see above spin brush) lightly over my face with a cleanser. (Usuakky Neutrogena Liquid soap or Olay Complete lathering cleanser) Then I end with several cold splashes to close pores. Next of course is my night treatments. Whenever I have cleaned this deeply sometime I may have to extract a blackhead or two then I swipe with astringent (see Sea Breeze 2% S- Acid) then of course I use Alpha A's 8% AHA Exfoilating Cream let it seep in then right before bed Murad Sleep Reform Treatment (expensive - only use this twice a week and it stings a little but totally worth it) and finish with Fresh's Rose Tint Lip Treatment. (Also expensive -$22.50)

    I HTH!!

    That is all - thank the Lord!

    Love Love,