Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Bronze or not to Bronze??

Ladies, I would like your opinions please! I picked up a book this weekend by a well known makeup artist. I won't mention the name. One of the things she mentioned in her book was that you should use bronzer in the summer and not in the winter? Am I missing something? Because I am the exact opposite! I get a little color in the summer, so I don't usually reach for one of my bronzers, but in the winter, I am back to being pasty so I use bronzer everyday! I think a few sweeps of a matte or slightly shimmery bronzer makes a huge difference on my skin in the winter. So what do you think?

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  1. Heyyy,

    Well, IMO - match the skin on your neck and chest....

    Why would one walk around looking super glowy and tan on the face yet your limbs and chest are paste-y. NOT CUTE

    This will only make you look older. Thats right I said it OLD. SO beware.

    Each make up artist has a different view on how they want to create a face. I cannot call myself a professional, however I have adored make up since I was 7 and everything is an experiment. What works for some, may not work for others.

    My general rule of thumb when doing someones make up is totally hair and skin tone.

    Dark Brown to black hair and pale skin - NO bronzer

    Natural redheads and freckles (u know if you are natural) dont make me elaborate - A little bronzer on the cheekbones

    Everyone else just match your skin. Its a simple matching game. Other wise you look old and fake baked.

    Plus in this time of Twilight Sagas, I say the paler, the better.

    And...that is all......

    Love Love,